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Two-decades of excellence

For 20 years, we have led the way as a premier public affairs and economic advisory firm. Grounded in local expertise and enriched by a global network, our reputation shines as a trusted source of unmatched guidance and profound insights.

Precision solutions for an evolving world

Our comprehensive suite of services spans government relations, political-economic-regulatory monitoring, economic studies, and M&A advisory. Our prowess in deciphering complex political and economic landscapes places us a cut above the rest.

Depth, reach and fresh perspectives

Our distinction lies in dedication to exceptional content and a vast global network. We continuously curate new, insightful content that keeps us – and our clients – ahead in the industry.

Global recognition and influence
With hands-on experience in both public and private sectors, our thought-leadership shapes local and global public opinion on critical policy issues. We also boast an elite assembly of high-level external collaborators.

Affiliate of FTI Consulting

Since 2013, our affiliation with the global business advisory, FTI Consulting – with headquarters in Washington, D.C. and a presence in over 30 countries – has bolstered our international reach and impact.

At the heart of business networks

Our memberships in various policy and business associations including foreign chambers of commerce in Turkey places us squarely within the business epicenter. This proximity sharpens our senses to evolving risks and opportunities, reinforces our capacity to aggregate diverse insights and fortifies our coalition-building for advocacy.